What is a Challenge Group Exactly?!

Ok, ok. You've seen me post about my "challenge group" and my "accountability group/partners" or my "#fittribe" --- but WHAT is it exactly and why is it so great?

Let me tell you!

Learning to live a healthy lifestyle is tough for everyone. It's hard to get started in your own journey to meet your health and fitness goals and then maintaining once you meet them! My secret? Challenge group - it provides you with a daily support system to make meeting and maintaining your goals a little easier and way more fun than just doing it alone.


As your coach, I provide you with one-on-one support  to ensure you reach your goals. This includes during the challenge group and after. I will help you to choose a workout program you can stick with, working to create your customized meal plan that is easy-to-follow and family-friendly and any questions or support you need along the way. I want to see you succeed!

Within the group, we will get to know each other, share our highs and lows, struggles and successes and cheer each other on to meet our goals. I have had so many people over my last year of running these groups comment on how participating in these groups provides a daily motivation. It’s so much easier to stick with it when you have support whenever you need it. Plus, you won’t want to not show up when everyone in the group is watching and cheering you on.

When you are agreeing to join my challenge group, you'll get the following:

  • Access to a private app to log workouts & shakes

  • Weekly meal plan ideas (portion fix approved)

  • Template to build your own meal plans

  • One-on-one support whenever you need

  • Group support from like minded women

  • PDF of simple recipes and shakeology recipes

These groups are my FAVORITE part about the Beachbody community -- plus we have prizes, take ridiculous pictures of ourselves and push through good times and bad together. What is not to love about that? 


Click the link to the right to fill out a quick form and I'll be in touch OR email me at yourparadisefitness@gmail.com. I can't wait to connect with you!

Our team also has a NEW program and a challenge group that is filled with people completing that together - click here for more information on 10 rounds program that we are rocking RIGHT NOW!

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