Oh social media...

For me, putting myself out there for my friends and family to see my new found passion that I was digging into and yes...I wanted them to dig into with me (if they were interested) was the scariest part of signing up to be a coach. I loved the programs, the meal plans, the shake, the community --- pretty much everything about Beachbody, which is why I signed up to be a coach in the first place. But I was SO scared about putting myself out there. I will tell you, that fear of putting yourself and your thoughts and pictures and ups and downs on social media is STILL scary to me and so many others. But what you need to realize is that vulnerability that comes along with being authentically YOU through your social media is WHY people will join your challenge groups, buy challenge packs and sign up to be a coach with you. Realizing that they aren't signing up for corporate Beachbody but they are signing up to do this journey with you is the most important thing. So being TRUE to yourself and showing the good times and bad in your own journey is SO important. I am NO expert, so I have included some tips and advice on social media from some of my favorite and very successful coaches. In addition, some tools to help you get started, plan your own social media posts and ROCK IT OUT!!!

I'm amazed at the responses I get from ladies on some of the vulnerable posts I put out there. Because GUESS what? They are feeling and thinking the same things I am. Those insecurities that we are all pushing to overcome are very real. Using your authentic voice and passion around this business to truly change lives is a pretty cool thing and there are SO many different ways to do it. Whether it is through Facebook, Instagram, a blog or a combo of those - finding what works for you and your audience is so important. And most importantly, being your fine self!

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