Updated: Dec 28, 2017

You guys - have you had zoodles???  I fell in love this weekend.  So easy, flavorful and SO good.  And ALL veggies!  There are so many recipes on Pinterst that I've found, but I wanted something quick and easy for lunch (when my kids were eating mac & cheese) and this was IT.  You must try!

I will say, the whole process was quite quick thanks to this little contraption that I purchased on Amazon prime day ---- and it was STILL sitting in the box.  I know, that is horrible - but know that I have used it and experienced how easy it is, I will put it to use more often!  Here is the one that I got off of Amazon.  Right now it's on sale for only $24!!!

It was so easy to assemble and I used the one with the smallest zoodle size.

It's awesome because that spiraling literally takes like 2 seconds and then you end up with just this!

I put some olive oil, garlic, mushrooms and chopped up some red and yellow tomatoes I had in the fridge and then just sauteed everything for a while until it was soft. It smelled soooo good!

I felt like the instructions were awesome - clear, easy and with pictures!!!  

The final result.  Jimmy was very jealous, which made me excited! I feel like I should have for sure added some sea salt and black pepper and will for sure do that next time.  If I wasn't dairy-free right now, I would have added some shredded Parmesan cheese - YUM!

This is SUCH an easy and healthy dinner - or even lunch at home! - option.  For real.  I am not sure if I like this or roasting my zucchini in the oven better.  But I love that it was a quick prep and clean up - that is so important to me!!!  Have you tried zoodles?!?!?  What did you think and could you sneak it past your significant other, kid, roommate!?!!?

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