I haven't been much for words of the year in the past, more setting semi-ambiguous goals that I might or might not meet. I'm not sure why, but I think it has to do with just a whole lot of life going on at the beginning of each year. While it's the end of the holiday season, the new year for me also brings hustle at work with year end, earnings call prep, budget tweaking and all kinds of crazy. So often I just jump in and don't have time to think about the coming year.

But not this year. I'm setting goals. Ones that follow the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) thinking and ones that push me. Some of them may of may not be realistic. Some of them are long term and some of them are short term. But that's ok. Regardless, I'm setting them.

And I decided I needed a word. Something that I could fall back on when it's hard...when mentally I am struggling or I'm physically exhausted or dang it, when I want to just give up..because we all have those moments. Sometimes they last for a long time and sometimes it's short. But a trigger word to fall back on and remember WHY I get up every day. WHY I'm pushing for goals that I never dreamed of this year. WHY I am here on this Earth.


What's crazy about this word is that it's a noun, adjective and preposition per Webster's dictionary depending on how it's used.

noun: moral or personal value | trying to teach human worth

adjective: having monetary or material value

preposition: deserving of | well worth the effort

And I chose it because I love the diversity of it's meaning to me.

In 2018 I will focus on using WORTH in all sorts of are some examples:

To know and determine my OWN WORTH. Fight for it {when needed!}

Cherishing other people's WORTH in this world. And how they shape my life.

Prioritization of people, activities, lessons, etc. that are truly WORTH it to me and my family.

Teaching my children the WORTH of themselves, other people and things in this world.

Helping other people know that they are WORTH it.

Enhancing our own net WORTH and in turn giving back to others even more.

Investing time in those that I love and cherish - they are WORTH it.

I went back and forth on what word to choose. I had a lot of ideas....but when my good friend and {ex} co-worker (BOO!), Jenny, sent me this song to listen to the other day - I knew this was it. I thought about it for a day and then she actually came to visit us all at work and we chatted in my office for a bit about the song and the word. And after our discussion, I knew it was going to be a good one.

You can listen to the song by Mandisa HERE. It's guaranteed to pump you up!

Keeping this word in mind - I'm building goals for myself, my kids, my family and so much more ---- 2018 is going to be great!!

Do you set goals? Have a word? I'm going to work VERY hard to stick with this ALL year long. And I cannot wait!

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