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I'm a planner.  Type A.  I tend to think things through (often a little too much - see my first post on my 4 year Beachbody journey).  So when I started thinking about signing up to be a coach, my mind immediately went into panic mode.  After following my own coach and many other coaches over the year for tips, motivation and accountability, I knew one of the things I really liked was a good name.  A name of the little side business that had a meaning.

I began to think about my why my journey to becoming more healthy was important to me.  And it really came down to when I work out and eat healthy I feel good about myself.  The side effect of looking more fit and toned was nice, but really it was getting up in the morning to work out and feeling to endorphin's and loving how my body was stronger than I thought it was. Loving how I started doing things consistently I thought I'd never do (like get up at 5AM to work out daily).  It was such an amazing feeling.  I equated it to the feeling of laying on the beach in Mexico with my husband on our five year anniversary trip in May 2015. That feeling of physically being in paradise with the one you love.

Oh...also my paradise??  Coffee!  Lots of coffee.  And a super cute hat.

And last but not least...lots of selfie stick pictures with the one I love.  Ha.  I had fun going through these pictures from almost a year and a half ago.

That was my own journey to physical paradise. Emotional paradise?  That is my journey in motherhood mostly. The amazement of seeing my kids grow and learn and change daily.  The privilege I have to be their mom and hear from them that that they love me (oh yes, they also tell me when they aren't so fond of me...).  I love them more than words and they are a version of paradise to me as well.  And I love the feeling of being their mom when I have energy.  When I'm more happy than frustrated.  When I feel good about myself and can work through the tough emotions and frustrations that motherhood can bring (I know I have to discipline them, but I hate it!).

My family and I at the KU opening football game - even though I'm not a KU fan...I love these people so much! What is YOUR paradise?  How do you feel in it?  Like I said...mine is surrounded by the people I love AND loving myself inside and out and knowing that I'm the best I can be.

The cool thing is about a fitness and health journey I think is that everyone's starting place is different.  Everyone's end goal is different.  But even with those differences, how cool to go through the journey together.  And your end goal is your personal version of paradise.

My personal blog that I've had since 2008 is called "Just Another Day in Paradise".  I haven't changed the name since I originally started writing it- when I wasn't even married yet.  The tag line I've always had for my blog is "everyday might not be good, but there is something good in every day".  I really felt compelled to incorporate that into naming my coaching side business. Because just like life, everyday you are on this journey to achieve your own personal fitness paradise won't be good - I can guarantee you that - but every day that you try and put forth an effort towards your goals there WILL be something good in every day.

For me, that my end goal is to have more energy.  Fuel my body with food that is  good for it.  Not constantly critique my own body, but love the way I feel when looking in the mirror. It's just as much a mental transformation for me as it is a physical transformation.  

So here I am, the beginning of September 2016.  Seven weeks after I gave birth to my third adorable and wonderful child.  I'm ready to begin working out, eating healthy and being dedicated to instilling healthy habits to myself and everyone in my family.  And I'd love for you to follow along my journey AND join in if you'd like!!  Join a challenge group, join me and become a coach, or just follow along my journey for motivation, tips and tricks, recipes that I love and more!

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