Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Ok so you bought your first work out (whether that is the traditional 21 day fix or the 21 day fix extreme or the new Country Heat). You're sooooo excited.  You get it in the mail and immediately open everything up to get going.

Then you read through the whole book and you're like WHOA. This eating plan...colored containers...what goes in the containers and how much...where the heck do I even start?? And you're totally overwhelmed and want to stop right there.  

That was me in January 2015.  I was soooo excited to start but when I realized that there was prep work, I was like "no thanks" I'm too busy. probably are busy, but let me tell you, it's totally doable and here are some tips on getting started!

My overall tips: 1 - Read the manual!! That will help you get an overall picture of how to use the containers and the calculation of how many you need each day. 2 - Don't get overwhelmed.  There is lots of information, but you don't need to understand it all immediately. 3 - Download the 21 day fix tracker app (from Beachbody).  It's free and is an awesome on the go resource for any program you use the containers for.  It lets you track how many containers you use for each meal and how many you have left, track your progress and ask has the food list for each container color super handy! 4 - Do spend the time meal planning upfront. It doesn't have to be anything fancy.  Doesn't have to be something you create (see this as one of the meal planning specific tips from my coach).  At a minimum I always cut and wash all my fruits and veggies for the week on Sunday! 5 - Join an accountability group or have an accountability partner.  This was KEY for me in the start and continues to be why I push forward.  I loved sharing recipe ideas with the group and documenting our ups and downs.  No matter what, you're not going to be perfect in following the plan and when you eat something not on the don't want to feel so down that you quit. Celebrate the small victories with these people and you will succeed! Meal planning tips: Here's a few from my awesome coach that she shared in a Facebook video that I loved (here is a link to her Facebook page - the video was posted August 20...I cannot figure out how to link! AH!). 1 - Do not recreate the wheel.  Go to Google/Pinterest and find ones that people have made for the program you are doing.  Build on that and modify. 2 - Get into a routine to establish your eating habits.  For example, eat the same things for breakfast, lunch, snacks and then find variety in dinner.  If not the same thing, keep the same food groups/containers for each meal or snack--- I LOVE THIS TIP!!! It's so helpful, especially when something comes up or you're going out to eat- you already know what food groups/containers to eat!  Brilliant advice from Ruth!  I just started doing this and find it so much easier! 3 - Fill in staple meals first in your meal plan (aka a lot of times dinner for us). 4 - Find your dinner staples that you love and switch them out!  If your family likes spaghetti or enchiladas- great!  You can have that on these meal plans, just make sure you prepare it correctly and modify if needed.  And make enough for leftovers for lunch ;) Finding these can be SO overwhelming on Pinterest/Google.  I would recommend starting off trying a few and keeping the ones you and your family love! 5 - Ditch your excuses.  I talk about this one in one of my posts from my personal blog (see here).  No time? Too hard? Have kids? Picky eater??  Ditch them. Healthy eating is the KEY to making these programs a success and will make such a huge difference you'll find!  You are worth it!  Here is a sample meal planning template that I use and modify each week (when I'm on top of it- some weeks there is NO TIME and all I do is just prep fruits and veggies and then track containers with the app!  No shame in that!). Send me an email ( if you are interested in more meal plans or resources!  I'm more than happy to pass on!!!

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