Updated: Dec 28, 2017

One of the things that is crucial for me to stay on track eating healthy and working out is TECHNOLOGY!

There are some amazing apps out there and here are three that I LOVE and use daily in using the BB container eating plan and just making sure I'm getting enough water and the correct well as following the meal plan that I put time into each week.

1.  21 day fix tracker

Free and awesome because it is fast and easy to track the number of containers and what color you have at breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks.  If you are doing the 21 day fix program it's nice too because it has the workout you are supposed to do that day and gives you the chance to check it off when completed.  You can put in your beginning stats (weight and measurements) and then update them each week throughout the program. If you aren't doing 21 day fix (which I am currently not), but still using the BB container meal plans (which I am for Country Heat), I love it for tracking containers!! 2. Water Minder

Free and syncs with Apple Watch!  This is awesome because you set how much water you want/need to intake each day and it will remind you throughout the day with alerts on your phone (and Apple watch if you have one...) to drink water to get your full intake in.  I ALWAYS have my swell bottle with me and full, but sometimes I totally forget to drink it.  It's just a great reminder - even if I don't input when I drink a certain amount, I love the constant reminders because water is SOO important! 3. Google sheets

I'm an excel junkie.  I do everything in it.  Including my meal planning (even when I'm not using the container method).  Have the google sheets app on my phone is so awesome because I load my meal plans that I've developed in Excel on my computer for the week and I can easily view and even edit on my phone.  AND - I can share access to it, so Jimmy (my husband) can see it as well so there's no "what's for dinner" questions.

Finally - I know this is not feasible for everyone to purchase or something that everyone wants - but fitness watches are a craze these days.  My husband bought me an Apple watch for my 30th birthday in August 2015 and I thought it was so silly.  And guess what?  Over a year later...I love it and cannot do without it, but for reasons I never thought I would use it for.  I LOVE the activity tracker on it.  While the calories, steps, etc. might not be 100% accurate all the time, I love that I can set my goals on it.  So how many calories I want to burn in a day, how long I want to exercise and then that I want to stand at least once an hour for 12 hours (this one is really helpful when I'm at work at my desk).

I keep the circle icon on the face of my phone and when I get my morning workout in....I just love seeing the green circle full (because I got my 30 min of exercise) and my red circle (the calorie goal) well on my way!!  It's just a great way to start my day and excellent motivation for me personally. I know it's not for everyone, but I have used it WAY more than I thought it would for fitness and health tracking.  And, as I mentioned above, there are several apps that use the Apple watch, including the Water Minder, so I'm pinged on my phone and on my watch to drink water!!

Nothing fancy - just some free apps and tips that I use and find helpful, so hope they help you too!

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