Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Have a sweet tooth? MEEEE TOOOO!!!  Ah.

In the 21 day fix portion controlled eating that we use at our house that goes with most of the beachbody programs...sugar isn't included.  Which is a good thing - but sometimes you get a sweet craving right?

So here are a few things that I do to help me curb those cravings.

1 - SHAKEOLOGY.  Not kidding.  Not try to sell you on it.  Just being honest.  Hands down, when I'm craving something sweet or chocolate, I whip out my bag of chocolate vegan and make a reese's style shake (at ) OR I make some shakeology chocolate pudding, which is also becoming my new obsession.

Reese's shake:

  • tsp peanut butter

  • scoop of shakeology

  • cup/handful of spinach - can't taste it

  • 1/2 banana

  • 8 oz water

  • some ice

  • blend and enjoy!!!

Shakeology Chocolate pudding:

  • scoop of shakeology

  • 4 tbspns of unsweetened almond milk

  • tspn of vanilla 

  • milk

  • let sit in the fridge for a bit to set 

  • ENJOY (I like to add fresh strawberries if I have them)

2 - Clean cookies.  Yes, these exist and we make them a lot at our house.  Especially because I buy bananas every week and we don't eat them all (I freeze the rest for my above shake) or use them to make recipes like this!

Here was how ours turned out - they were awesome and I loved having them as a sweet treat especially after lunch at work!!!

They were really delicious actually and kept well for a while!!  At least a week :) Any other tips and tricks you have for avoiding sugar?  It's SO addictive and I realize once I start with something sweet, I crave it more and more!!!  I'm sticking strong this last week of our challenge group to get my abs to POP!!!

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