Updated: Dec 28, 2017

All right--- I hate to write this because it feels like I'm almost quitting on 22 minute hard corp--- but I'm coming clean, being honest with myself and starting FRESH tomorrow. And will be blogging each week here on my progress.  Mainly to held myself accountable and KNOW that I will be posting not only a progress update for anyone who wants to read it here, but also a picture.  Because guess what....we booked our tickets to Puerto Vallarta /Sayulita for a week of fun and celebrating Ashley and BJ's wedding! So what about my 22 MHC results?  Well - see for yourself.  I lost 4.5lbs and 5 inches - 2 from my waist!!  That was doing the program for 5 weeks. So that's pretty awesome.  Let's just say, I loved it - even with all the burpees.  I would love to do it for the full 8 weeks - but I've pretty much gone out of control on my nutrition already and haven't been as motivated to do the workouts because there is some intense cardio in some of them (#somanyburpees) and I'm borderline sick (mainly just a cough, but trouble catching my breath at times..).  So I'm going to call it a success and move on for now and get the "full" results of 8 weeks at a later time.  But the good news is?  I'm at a great place in my strength to tackle what's next.....

I totally debated on what to start next - because all access BOD = SO many choices.  There is a group in our coaching group that is starting to do Body Beast and Hammer and Chisel.  Jimmy does Body Beast and LOVES it.  He says I would like it, so I do need to give it a try!  I have been really wanting to try Hammer and Chisel too because I love lifting and LOVE Autumn. But alas, our group is 21 days.  And I am going to do what my co-coach, Ashley, has been telling me I need to do for awhile - 21 day fix extreme!  You guys - I bought this program in 2015 after I finished a few rounds of doing 21 day fix and it was HARD.  I don't remember why I quit, but I did.  I'm not quitting this time - I'm pushing through and I can't wait!!  Ashley saw awesome results and so many of our challengers have with it too!  And it meets my 30 minute requirement for my mornings :)

Here's the crazy thing - right now, I weigh the same weight (140) that I have before I got pregnant with all three of my kids - like seriously.  I know that's weird, but I really think that is my body's comfortable weight.  Like it knows that and goes there. So, I'm there - pre-pregnancy weight...but here's what is even better.  Last night - we were out shopping for jeans because I seriously can't fit in so many of them ---- because they are TOO big.  Yes, you read that right.  I'm the same weight, but the jeans I wore pre baby don't fit.  How can that be the case?  It's because I've lost inches.  Lots of them.  In all the RIGHT places.  Like my hips and my waist and my legs.  And I've gained muscles all over.  It's amazing!!!!

And I actually like doing push ups.  I'm still not that good at them - but I like them.  Because they challenge me and make me push my body harder.  Plush - who doesn't like buff arms!!

So I'm kicking off the 21 days right along with our AWESOME challengers.  And I got my meal plan ready to go (you can find it here, if you're interested!) and did shopping together - so LET'S DO THIS!!!!!

Thanks for hanging in there during a major blog absence  :)  Work is crazy, kids are sick, momma's not sleeping --- which means we are pretty much in survival mode and that means no time to blog and all the time to SLEEP.  Because I need sleep to get good results too!!!!

Can't wait for this group - have some amazing new folks already and they ready to see success!

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