Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Ok, per my friend and neighbor, Leslie's request ---- here they are!!  My top 10 freezer meals that my family and I love to eat and they are NOT hard to make.  Best yet, most are 21 day fix approved and won't expand your waistline.  I put most of the recipes into a google sheet that you can download HERE.  Two are not in the spreadsheet (as noted below). Most of these in the spreadsheet I used from HyVee freezer meal group and end up prepping myself after!

1.Pork Carnitas - we LOVE this one.  I have served it a few times for friends (and going to with our neighbors that are coming over next Monday) and it's a HUGE hit!!

2. Salsa shredded chicken - there is no specific recipe to this one, so it's not in the spreadsheet.  It's that easy.  Frozen or thawed chicken, sprinkle on some taco seasoning (mine here is homemade from the 21 day fix spice recipe) + salsa and cook in the crock-pot from 6-8 hours on low.  Shred when done and serve on tacos, in burritos, on a salad, the possibilities (and leftovers - yum!) are endless with this one!

3. Buffalo Lime chicken (not in the spreadsheet!) - I love this one so much (and so does my family), that it has it's OWN post from a while back.

4. Italian stir fry with turkey sausage - this one seems weird (and this is a horrible picture) but we all love this one!  And so easy to prep.

5. Beef and broccoli - I don't have a picture of this one, but who doesn't love a good beef and broccoli.  Again, with this one, I think I have also cooked in the crock pot! 6. Pork chops with dipping sauce - THIS.  Not healthy with the mayo.  But maybe use like mayo with olive oil and it will be a bit more healthy?  #tryinghardhere The grilled pork chops are SO simple but the dipping sauce is to die for.  But you can't freeze it - because it's mayo.  So it is a freezer meal, but kinda sorta not really. 7. French Dip - I like to pair with mashed califlower and add some sauteed mushrooms - oh and make super fancy with a paper plate - ha! #reallife

8. Chicken Noodle Soup - this recipe says you can cook on the stove top, but I've noted, I usually just throw in the crockpot and then add the cooked noodles at the end - SO good!  Must try for winter! 9. Ultimate Chicken Fingers - these aren't super healthy because #butter, but they aren't bad and they are fast, easy AND kid friendly.  I really like the leftovers and throw in salads!! 10. Chicken Tortilla Soup - my fabulous picture of this.  I swear it is delicious and add in avocado and a little bit of cheese - YUM!

SO there you have it.  Our top 10 favorites.  Like I mentioned, lots of these I've gotten from doing the HyVee freezer meal prep.  It's been fun to find healthy meal options that you can prepare through them and then I take the recipes home and make on my own too because our family loves them so much.  Don't be intimidated by freezer meal cooking - seriously!  You don't need a whole day dedicated to freezer meal cooking.

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