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Welcome!  I'm Brittany, blogger at Just Another Day in Paradise.

Thirty-something living in Kansas City.  I'm a wife to Jimmy, mom to 3 kids (Charlie - 4, Maddie - 2 and Mikey - 6 weeks old!!!).  I also work full time as a finance manager.

(me and my crew!)

I started my Beachbody fitness journey about 4 years ago.  Before I got married, my best friend, Lauren, and I would go to the turbo kick classes twice a week at 24 hour fitness.  I continued that after we got married, but when we welcomed our son Charlie into our family, I knew it was going to be hard to get to the gym again with a little one in tow...especially as I went back to work full time.  I googled turbo kick and found the turbo jam DVDs!   I bought them and used them as at home work outs whenever I had time.  But anyone who has a child knows time is so limited!  I essentially fell off the band wagon after having Charlie.  Working, getting my MBA, pumping, taking care of my baby and the laundry and friends and husband- it was too much.  There wasn't any time. 

And then- surprise!!! Pregnant with baby #2 in October 2013.  Never did it cross my mind to do more than go on an occasional walk or chase my 18 month old as a form of exercise in that pregnancy.  She arrived in July 2014 and then life with 2 kids began. I had to go back to work at 8 weeks and there was no way I was going to work out.  Not possible.

By December 2014, I was tired.  Tired from working all the time, having a 6 month old and 2.5 year old.  Just tired.  But I also wasn't happy when I got dressed.  I loved my life, my job, my kids.  But my self confidence had plummeted.  And then my friend told me she tried the 21 day fix and she loaned me the DVDs and containers.  I reached out to Ruth, after seeing her post on social media, joined my first challenge group in January 2015 and was so amazed.

Here are my before and after results:

And stats:

Round 1 - 11 lbs lost; 5.2 inches lost Round 2 - 14 lbs lost; 8.2 inches lost

Read more about that here on my personal blog.

After amazing results, how excited I was to put on my clothes (that weren't too tight now!), the energy I had to play with my kiddos at night and on the weekends and the increase in joy I had in my life was undeniable.  And the best part was, I truly learned HOW and WHAT to eat- and it was normal food!

In 2015, I completed the 21 day fix extreme and Cize work outs

 as well. I loved the new challenges and results that came with each new set of workouts.  October 2015....pregnant again (seems to be a trend I know!).  This time around I was determined to work out during my pregnancy.  I knew how great I felt working out in general and knew it would help while pregnant.  I started up after I finally didn't feel sick and did Autumn's pregnancy work outs that are on Beachbody on Demand mixed in with some upper and lower fix from the 21 day fix DVDs.  I loved the workouts mixed with weight lifting and was able to do them at least 3 times a week until I was 34 weeks pregnant!!  I didn't get swollen (was SO swollen with my first pregnancy) and just felt so good. I developed varicose veins early on this pregnancy and even when it was hard to work out, I pushed through.  And the results??  I couldn't believe how much better my recovery was for baby #3 and how much better I felt.  I attribute almost all of that because I worked out consistently!

I had contemplated becoming a Beachbody coach for awhile.  Saw many people I knew join this amazing company and opportunity.  But I just wasn't sure. I was nervous.  Would I fail?  Would I have enough time (I tend to take on too much!)?  I was scared; I am scared.  Scared of signing up for this.  Scared A LOT of what people would think of me.  Because yes, I have a great job.  My husband and I both make enough money for our what would people think?  

However, I love the programs, love the results, love the accountability and love the people that Beachbody had to offer (and the people I'd met in my journey).  I just felt like I needed a sign to take the plunge.  Even though the monetary commitment to become a coach is small, I didn't want to sign up for something that I wasn't committed to.  The funny thing was though, I had people that I knew reaching out to me and asking about the programs, the results and how they could get started.  They asked me for tips, tools that I had used, etc.  I'd refer them to my coach or my friends that are coaches.  Until finally, I really sat down and thought about it.  These people that were reaching out to me were just where I was in January 2015.  They deserved to give it a chance and feel good about themselves again, just like I did.  To have the increase in energy I did.  To feel good when they got dressed I got to feel.  So why not think about this and have it be ME that helped them through this journey and help them succeed??

I set up coffee with my coach, who had just recently moved to KC. I had a billion questions.  What if I don't want to post all over my personal social media? What if I'm not unhappy with my job and situation? What if I don't want to quit my job as the end game? What if I don't have an hour a day for this (most days I don't - not even close!)? What will people think of me? 

And the list goes on.  But I also had written down many more things to talk about with her.  I had written down about my vision of how I could help people.  My goals.  My observations from the past two years and what I wanted to do to help people achieve their goals just like she helped me with mine.  And of course, the name of my "business".  

She laughed at me and said- ummmm- that's more than most people after months of coaching.  She answered all my questions and told me that she supported however I wanted to run my part of this business and help people.  And off we went our separate ways.

It felt good driving away but I was still like "man, I was looking for that sign".  I got to the Aldi parking lot and got Mikey out to nurse him before I went inside.  I opened up my inbox on my phone and there it was loud and clear. My sign.  An email from an old friend, pregnant with her second asking me if I did Beachbody workouts when pregnant.  She was wondering what I thought of them and Beachbody on demand.

Just like that, I knew I had nothing to lose and could really help or inspire people.  And like Jimmy said...the worst thing that can happen is I'm held accountable and get healthy and fit while having fun.

So here we are.  The beginning of Your Paradise Fitness (more on that name later).

Welcome to the fun and I hope you'll join me in this awesome journey!

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