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Beachbody launched a brand new program during Beachbody Summit this year (the annual big Beachbody meeting) --- it's called Shift Shop and the workouts are led by the new trainer, Chris Downing.  I'm not going to lie - these new workouts that are available through my streaming Beachbody on Demand all access pass are amazing.  I remember just last year when they announced Country Heat was coming out - I was so excited and knew I was going to use that for my first postpartum workout after I had Mikey....but I had to wait until it launched, order my challenge pack and wait for it to ship before I got started.  This time?  It was pretty sweet - woke up the morning of launch and there it was on my Beachbody on Demand member library.

This is my round about way of telling you - times have changed.  At home fitness isn't like it was before.  No more DVDs.  No more fumbling with the calendar or meal plan.  It's all there on your computer, phone, apple name it.  Anyways, it was pretty awesome.

I started this workout program on Monday, July 17.  Two days before my youngest little man turned one year old!!  Here are my before pictures!

And here are my after pictures (after 21 days!):

I feel like from the front I don't look THAT different - but check out the side profile and from behind!!  (Also - I NEVER used to wear these pink shorts because they were literally like spandex!)

This program is pretty simply structured:

21 days/ 3 weeks

Workout 6 days per week + recovery/stretch on Sunday

Structured meal plan with depleting carbs each week

The calendar of workouts varies with Speed and then Strength.  Chris also uses agility markers, which are kind of cool because once you get into the 45 minute workouts, you stagger them differently and it makes it a little more fun.

Bottom line?  It's hard.  For the speed workouts...think high school basketball practice or conditioning work pre-season high school sports.  You have agility moves, hopping around, planks, lunges, etc.  Like I said, it's hard and you'll work up a sweat, but the way he structures them, it makes the workouts fly by (in my opinion) and it's fun because he does vary the moves!  For the strength workouts, he recommends two sets of weights, but towards the end, I was able to use my "heavy" ones the whole time (which really means...I need to get heavier weights - ha!).  These were hard but fun also because he did a great job of structuring the workouts to work out different parts of your body.  Unlike workouts that are "leg day" or "arm day" and you walk away with one of your body part screaming --- pretty much my whole body was, but in a good way.  His stretching at the end of each workout helped a TON too.  One other pretty cool thing is he does an amazing job of explaining all the moves and giving a modification option for all of them!!   So no, you don't need to be in tip top shape to do these - anyone can do these workouts!

The best part?  He seems like he's very down to earth, really loves what he does, knows what he's talking about and is SUPER encouraging.  I love his pep talks during the workouts and I'm not going to lie, at the end of many of them, I really needed to hear an encouraging word to push harder and finish and remind myself, the way I treat my body and mind in these workouts DOES bleed over into other aspects of my life to push harder.  It was awesome.

As for the meal plan and eating?  I'm not going to lie, I was terrified of 7 days without any carbs (aka yellow containers - as yes, I realize fruit has carbs and you still get fruit)...think no rice, bread, crackers, beans, etc.  But Chris' whole mantra is to #maketheshift with these workouts....physically and mentally challenging and push those plateaus that you have.  So I knew as the carbs depleted and the workouts got longer (they are 25 minutes the first week, 35 minutes the second week and 45 minutes the third week), it would get harder for me.  I haven't been super disciplined with my nutrition and eating since probably last winter when I was pushing to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm still nursing, so I continue to use that as a mental excuse why it's ok to sneak some of my kids pancake or leftover mac and cheese.  And I have the typical "I'm just so busy" excuse that lots of other people do.  So yes, going in, I was terrified of the nutrition element AND the longer workouts - as I have become so used to the 30 minute workouts (aka spoiled!) and they fit perfectly into my morning routine that I kept telling myself, I couldn't make anything longer fit in.

So how did I make it work?  Because I made a mental shift.  I told's 3 weeks.  That it's.  No eating lunch at work or eating the cookies.  No eating my kid's birthday cake (ok - I did have ONE piece, but it's CostCo cake AND he turned one and we survived somehow having three kids under 5 for a whole year).  And in regards to the longer workouts?  I just set my alarm earlier and GOT.THEM.DONE.  There was only ONE day where I didn't have time to get the whole workout in!  

I actually can do it.  If I tell myself I can and make it a priority in my life.  And guess what?  


I've realized these last 21 days that I can do anything I set my mind to.  Whether that is starting a new workout program, being disciplined with my nutrition...or even being a more patient parent, wife or friend (I'm starting to implement the 5 second rule and I'm still working on it....but I know I CAN do it).  What's crazy is that even with a week of no yellows/carbs, I wasn't like a crazy person saying "I MUST HAVE CARBS!" that in itself tells you that I made a huge shift!!! HA!  I'm here to tell you - set those goals.  Write them down.  Hold yourself accountable.  Oh AND find others to hold yourself accountable.  I cannot tell you how much my #fittribe has been a part of these last 3 weeks.  I have one of my discount coaches that started shift shop a few days before the rest of us did and she was truly my inspiration to stay strong and finish out the program in full. Because she has a little one the same age as Mikey, is starting a new job and has a husband/friends/family commitments too - I kept telling myself, if she can do this --- I CAN TOO!

And I did.

That's the magic of this online community and accountability.  The thing is - these ladies in our challenge group that I check in with EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Someone of them I don't know in real life and some are my best friends.  And that's ok - it's the amazing dynamic and drive and determination that runs through all our veins that brings us together and keeps us encouraging one another!!

Here are my final Shift Shop stats:

Chest - lost 0 inches

Left arm - lost 0.5 inches

Right arm - lost 0.5 inches

Waist - lost 3.5 inches

Hips - lost 2 inches

Left thigh - lost 1 inch

Right thigh - lost 1 inch


Weight - lost 1.6lbs*

*I got a new scale at the start of week 2 and DAMN my old scale has been lying to me - so I'm guessing it was more like 3-5lbs...but I'm going to report what my stats say!

Side by side comparisons:

Are you ready to #maketheshift?  Or do you want to know more about the suite of Beachbody workouts available on Beachbody on Demand (which is pretty much like the netflix of fitness!)?  Contact me at

Learn more about the all access BOD challenge pack here!  Or fill out one of my google forms here!

I would LOVE to learn more about your goals and how we can work together to help you reach them!  It's SOOOOO worth it ladies.

Now onto round 2 to see if I can lose some more inches off my waist and get some ripped mom abs!  Who wants to join me!?????

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