Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Oh man.  Seven weeks postpartum I decided to get my butt in gear? Why? Because I'm going back to work full time in a month and already having done this with two kiddos, I'm fully aware of the craziness that comes with going back to work with a new baby (add on two other kids and...yeah, you get the point!).  I'm trying to start establishing healthy habits now while I have the time to plan, to work out.  

Progress is key---- not perfection!!!

I found the first time I did the 21 day fix- after 21 days was up I wasn't all like "wahoo! And now I'm just going to go back to my old ways...".  I was surprised at how much I craved exercise every day.  How bad of a stomach ache I would get after 21 days of eating healthy and then indulging in a delicious basket of Jefferson's fried pickles.  Yes, for me, the age old saying, and what Autumn always says, 21 days and you make something a habit holds true.  So I'm hoping the country heat + good eating for 30 days will really make it stick. But in all honestly, the beginning is HARD!!  When I first did the 21 day fix I. January 2015 it sucked.  I remember thinking- there is no way I'm going to survive the next workout because I was sooooo sore. But I pushed though mainly because I was part of an AMAZING challenge group.  It was an awesome group of women, some I knew and some I didn't know.  Some were moms and some weren't.  But I wanted to work out so I could post that I did and feel their encouragement.  It's amazing the power of accountability.  Especially when you have a group that you can post both the good achievements and when you fall short. I'm currently in a challenge group (as part of beachbody's million dollar bet and I love posting my work out and shakeology for the group to see that I did it.  They might not know but they are holding me accountable everyday!  Ha- but want to know what I didn't post in there this week but I'm going to tell you?!?  Well, my 7 week old was fussy. Like crying in my face all day a few days.  Wouldn't sleep, didn't want to eat consistently and was tooting and burping up a storm (like grown man farts and burps).  I worked out one morning, followed the meal plan that I made- but come 2:30 snack--- I just couldn't do it.  I had a small bowl of fruity pebbles instead of my tasty chocolate shakeology because #sugarismydrug and #maybethatcountsasapurple... And guess what?  I'm still alive.  I'm still working towards my 30 days.  I got mad at myself for 2.5 seconds and then realized that this is reality.  I'm going to make good choices 80% of the time...and maybe not so good choices 20%. That day...I needed that bowl of fruity pebbles more than you can know. So what's the point?  Well, every journey you have to start and starting it is HARD!!! But it's even harder when you just start to have a slip up.  But keep going because one not so good food decisions or missing a work out one day doesn't mean you have to quit- keep on putting the effort in and you will see results!!!  I know because when I was doing my first round of the 21 day fix...I was also potty training my 2.5 year old.  His treats for going on the potty were gummy bears. NOT 21 day fix approved.  Did I have a few?  Maybe a lot? Yes.  Because it was that or like 5 beers...because life happens and guess what?? I still got amazing results. So if you are just starting out your health and fitness journey or are re-starting or even mid journey...there will be a few slips ups- maybe a lot- but keep going because it will all be worth it!!!  I wrote this because I need to tell myself this RIGHT NOW with a fussy 7 week old in my arms!!

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