Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Are you DREADING Thanksgiving because you think it might hurt all the progress you have made?  If you're taking any dish to a family or friend dinner - how about trying some of these healthier ideas to cook and share??

Side dish ideas:

Broccoli Mac & Cheese!  What kid (and adult) doesn't like mac & cheese?  I love the idea of sneaking in some broccoli AND the ingredients are super easy and you will likely have them on hand!!

What if you need to bring a veggie?  While I'm all about the green bean casserole --- but what about trying something new?  Balsamic Brussels Sprouts - I know, I know...but seriously, have you tried roasted brussels sprouts??  I think (hope!), you'd be surprised!  My SIL brought them to a Thanksgiving and they were yummy!

How about some cauliflower mashed potatoes?  This is my "recipe" aka and really just SO easy and I have found a great substitute to traditional mashed potatoes.  (here is was when I ate 

---> Cauliflower (btw - you can use fresh and roast and then mash)...but you can also just buy frozen cauliflower and just steam and done (that's what I do because I like things #efficient)

---> Some almond milk (I use original, unsweetened)

---> Sea salt & black pepper to your liking!

---> A little bit of organic butter (yes, Autumn says you can have butter!!)

Add in some parsley and call it good!!  Or throw in some garlic powder.  It's soooooo good.

Dessert Ideas:

Did someone say peanut butter - and PIE??  This Peanut Butter pie look amazing and pretty easy.  However, I would be even more lazy (and less clean) and just do a normal pie crust and count is as a yellow.  Yeah, yeah, that's not perfect, but hey, that's a heck of a lot more healthy than eating like 5 pieces of pie in general right?  We are all about reality here people.  Because I'm sure it doesn't even compete with my Grandmother's amazing pies!!  But it's a GREAT healthier option!

Or try Autumn's pumpkin pie bites from her blog - I'm not a huge pumpkin fan, but there are some die hards out there.

Or what about something SUPER easy to satisfy your desire for apple pie - minus all that sugar and pie crust?  Bonus - crockpot recipe!!!  21 day fix apple "pie" - try this!  I actually eat apples like this from time to time and love them!

You can try these for yourself!!  They are good and easy.

But here's my suggestion as we go into the holidays - don't be afraid of food.  Don't be afraid of all the sweets!  Just be conscious of what you are eating and the portions you are eating.  You can eat and enjoy - you SHOULD.  Food is not the enemy!  Enjoy this time with your family's and the food that everyone has to bring and share.  I know the holiday's can be hard because everyone always gathers around food and there is SUCH a focus on food.  I get it - and you can't make everything exactly fit into the 21 day fix container eating.  But go into it with a positive attitude - remember how good you feel when you eat healthy and remember your GOALS!!!!  Because, in the end, only you can rock those goals!!!

And at the end of the weekend if you're like "I'M SO FULL AND I NEED A QUICK RESTART" - seriously consider using the 3 day refresh from Beachbody.  I have personally never used and won't until I'm done breastfeeding baby #3...but my team just did it and holy cow!  The results are unbelievable!!

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