Guess who’s BACK….to blogging :)

HIIIIII FRIENDS. It’s been awhile. ;) Try a year right?! But what a year it has been. Looking back, it’s crazy to think we are already getting ready to send our big kids back to school (cannot believe they are going to be in 3rd and 2nd grade!) and our younger two are transitioning into new preschool and pre-K classrooms! While so many things are still uncertain, I’ve been really trying to focus on things that I personally have control over —— which over the last year and a half I think we all learned that is….not much. Ha. But what do I have control over? Me. My mood. My actions. My thoughts. My HABITS.

One habit that I realized I have truly missed is blogging. Weird right? Well not really - because I did a LOT of blogging in my younger years at Just Another Day in Paradise - like a lot. Like I blogged about EVERY DAY OF CHARLIE’S FIRST YEAR OF LIFE (I told my therapist this today and was like — WHYYYY would I ever do such a thing?). But I do love killing time like once a year looking back at that blog and being able to see how I was feeling through my writing. I would like to tell you that I am and always have been a happy person with a positive outlook.…but I wasn’t. Some days, I’m still not. But what matters is that I can look back to those posts starting right before Jimmy and I got married and see how much I have grown - not so much physically (I like to leave that to my kids…), but mentally and spiritually. My relationships with the same people are different and have changed and evolved over the years. Some relationships are no more. And I struggled with that - but I worked through it. So I love having those times to look back on.

So this is what I’m doing now. And things are much fancier digitally in 2021 than they were back then - as I spent more time uploading blog images and getting it all to look normal on my computer - and I’m here now typing this on an app on my iPad next to my daughter who is watching a streaming video on our smart TV. Yes, much fancier!

While this is my health and wellness based website, I decided to pick it back up over here versus there because part of my own wellness IS in fact doing this. Talking to the internet - ha. That’s bizarre right? Nah - I don’t think so! Because what I do know after blogging for so many years AND being a coach for so many years, those people behind this screen? They are REAL and AMAZING people. I have met and connected with so many people through blogging in my early days and then starting in 2016 after I signed up myself to be a beachbody coach! You are amazing people with goals and dreams just like me - so i have been trying to show up for not just me and my family everyday but YOU too!! So thanks for reading. Thanks for always supporting me. And get excited to see a lot of this crazy crew because each one of them? They are a part of my own health and wellness journey in some way shape or form —- sometimes acting as a hindrance when they decide to walk up SUPER early - but they are an important part of it!

Cheers friends to all of us finding our own paradise within ourselves!

Our summer 2021 family vacation - an air BnB in Denton, TX and picking up our newest family member - Tess!

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