Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Guess what?!  It's FRIDAY.  I'm so happy because I am loving my challenge group so much and even more loving the results these ladies are seeing.  Just another reason to love this coaching opportunity for sure.  It's been a LONG and emotional week in my house as I headed back to work on Wednesday after a truly wonderful 11 weeks of maternity leave and time with my sweet baby Mikey.   One key to make sure we have (A) dinner on the table every night and (B) it's having healthy meals in the freezer.  That way, my weekly meal planning is literally walking up to my deep freeze and saying - "which freezer meal and which night".  Then I add sides - sometimes rice, sometimes whole wheat pasta for my yellow and then sometimes fresh veggies and sometimes frozen and steamed...and DONE.  Meal planning made easy, right?  And even better with crockpot meals, there is NO cooking when I get home.  I love that part so so much. I stocked up on fresh chicken breasts at HyVee the weekend before because they were $1.69 a lb. I love a good sale and might have gone a little overboard because all of a sudden I realized I had SOOOO much chicken sitting in my fridge waiting to be frozen.  I guess that's what I get for buy 6 packages of 3-4 lbs of chicken each.  I got busy at Mikey's trial day at daycare and added these meals into our freezer I wanted to share with you!

1. Crockpot Zucchini Chicken Parmesan: this is a new meal that I haven't ever tried, but I'm loving the ingredients.  We are big zucchini lovers and I cannot wait to try this one.  Because I am not eating dairy while breastfeeding, I will opt out the cheese...but I bet my kiddos will love this one and maybe they won't even notice the veggies ;) 

2. Crockpot Chicken Chili: An oldie, but a goodie for sure. This is PERFECT for when the weather starts to get a little bit colder.  I threw in some green peppers as well because why not...everyone needs a little more green in their life, right?

3. Garlic Crockpot Chicken: While TOO much garlic is a bit much for me, I think this one looks delicious and it was SO easy to make.   Just a few ingredients - and the Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning is awesome!  Served over some brown rice, I cannot wait to eat this one.

4. Easy Salsa Chicken: this one is WAY too easy.  I literally just take the chicken breasts out of the package, throw them in the freezer bag.  Then I literally throw them in the crockpot the day of, sprinkle some 21 day fix SW seasoning on them and then some sugar free salsa and that's it.  We shred it and throw it on toasted corn tortillas, salad, make quesadillas for the kids, etc.  YUM! All 4 are easily incorporated into the 21 day fix/Beachbody container eating plan!

Enjoy and happy freezer cooking!!!

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