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HIIII Friends!  I'm making a splash back into the blogging world after an unintended break.  I even got some personal blogging done in an attempt to catch up to get some posts written for all three of my kid's birthdays (poor third kid has a delay {potential lapse} on his monthly posts!).

I'm just going to jump right in with a fun and easy post about five things that I use in the kitchen very frequently, if not every day!  While I know I'm always curious about other people's tips and tricks to eating healthy but not spending hours in the kitchen prepping food OR cleaning up  OR emptying dishes (because sometimes that sure feels like life, right?).  So here are five of my every day favs.


These containers from Amazon!  You can also get the three compartment ones here.  I like the two and usually when I'm taking leftovers for lunch the next day, I just stick my veggies, protein and carb in here and call it good.  No need to rush around packing my lunch.  I'll also put like turkey and cheese wraps and then veggies - these are easy to pack, easy to transport and easy to wash (aka dishwasher).  Plus I'm a freak and don't like my food to touch.  Gross. Do yourself a favor and get you some of these (FYI these aren't the EXACT ones, but they are 20 for $16.99 - STEAL!).


This might look like a random pair of things ---- because it is.  Haha.  But a SHARP knife is key in general to do chopping, cutting, etc., but when I do things like half zucchini and then carve the middle out (you know, making taco and lasagna zucchini boats - YUM!), I pull out the amazing grapefruit spoon to do the carving after I've scored where I want to cut with the sharp knife.

Yes, this duo will make your meal prepping life easier.  Just you wait.


This one is a no brainer, but I literally carry my insulated cup all over.  And it's not even a fancy's a knock off I randomly picked up at WalMart for $10 (similar item linked - and it's in rose gold color....fancy!).

My cup requirements: 1) spot for a straw 2) MUST keep drinks cold (or warm), but really cold when ice is put in 3) can close it 4) doesn't spill

This one fits the bill and was not expensive.  I can fill it up with ice at the beginning of the day and it keeps it ice cold.  As long as you get the rubber thing set up right, it won't spill, but sometimes I don't and it does and I secretly cuss to myself.  Oops.


Oh my Ninja Professional blender WITH single serve (BL740).  How I love thee.  Yes, I put the full name because I have had a few people ask because they see it so often on my IG stories.  It's wonderful and makes mixing up my superfood shakes SO easy.  I love the single serve cups because Jimmy and I make different flavors and concoctions every we bought 2 extra from Bed Bath and Beyond and it is TOTALLY worth it having 4.  Just make sure you get the right number of prongs for the blade on the single serve to fit it.  If you make protein or meal replacement shakes - you need a good blender because it does make a huge difference!


Last, but not least....these awesome herb scissors.  Sound weird right?  Well, if you eat fresh herbs and chop them up...these are a GAME CHANGER from time and clean up.  Seriously.  We eat cilantro a lot and this week had some fresh basil to eat and it's so easy.  You just use exactly like scissors and the herbs are cut so fine and just perfect! For $7 you can't go wrong.

There you have it! Five of my favorites that I really think make our family's healthy eating life more manageable (I know that is a HUGE concern to many folks because it can seem overwhelming at first!).  You don't have to go out and buy all these right now, but having the right tools and ingredients in the kitchen will help you make the experience of meal prepping and cooking easier and therefore, more enjoyable.

Any favorite random kitchen devices you cannot live without!??

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