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Here is a post that I wanted to share when I started my 21 day fix journey in January 2015 on some of our favorite 21 day fix approved meals - hopefully this helps give you some ideas for your own meal planning as well. This post originally appeared on Just Another Day in Paradise - reposted here! {ONE}

My goal was to not having us eating chicken for every meal.  Because (1) Jimmy doesn't like chicken and (2) that's what everyone always associates dieting with.  Since this is really a lifestyle change - I made it a priority to not flood our menu with chicken.  So ground turkey it was! Ha!  Or lean ground beef too.  There were a few of our favorite dinner recipes:

Stuffed Peppers

And I love me some crockpot cooking.  This was delicious! 21 day fix chicken chili


Now I'm kind of skipping around here...but TREATS.  The best thing about this program is you do get to have chocolate and wine (OMG!).  This was an AMAZING...I repeat AMAZING...treat for me.  I actually crave this instead of endless amounts of cookies (well until Girl Scout cookies arrive, right?).  It's so easy too!!  (I now buy plain Greek yogurt from Costco for my cooking and treats - FYI) Cookie dough Greek yogurt (recipe is mid way through the post)

And for another late night snack (Jimmy and I did one morning, afternoon and after dinner snacks for our meal planning) - this hit the spot!  Frozen grapes = delicious.  Even if you are not on or interested in the 21 day fix - try this.  It's so good and while not equal to candy (I have quite the sweet tooth), it did help me not snack on 15,000 gummy bears that we were giving as treats for potty training!


Breakfast.  Oh breakfast.  Who has time for that?

Ha.  I am usually downstairs with both kids and then out the door in like 15 minutes from when I get down there - that 15 minutes I am getting Charlie's breakfast ready, helping to get their bags ready, packing all my bags (we pack our meals + snacks the night before).  So needless to say, I need breakfast made easy.  I mentioned the first recipe last's so good!!

And then you have these!  They get you one veggie serving - which was great because Jimmy had to eat 5 greens each day, so a great way to start and they were delicious!  I made 24 every Sunday night and packed with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms and YUM.  We each took 4 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  And it made for such an easy morning because I popped them in my bag and took them to work to heat up/eat!

Egg and Veggie muffins

{FOUR}  Lunch.  Well - Jimmy and I both have our lunches at worked catered in (me everyday and he does on Tuesday/Thursday - great perk but hard on the waist line!) - so this was the hardest one ever.  Luckily we found this - so so good!!!!!!!!!  I'm not kidding.  It's a combo of everything I love - eggs and avocados.  It's delicious! Clean Egg Salad

{FIVE} Finally - I mentioned the struggle with veggies and not eating baby carrots all day long.  This was a recipe shared in my 21 day fix group and we tried and WOW.  Jimmy said "I thought I hated zucchini but I guess not" - yep, it was that good. 

Parmesan Zucchini Corn Other things we ate - steak and turkey burgers (made in our Ready Grill - which is amazing!).  Taco lettuce wraps too.  We loved the 100 calorie flatbread wraps from Costco and the sandwich things from there too.  Costco also has a great deal on turkey bacon and the nitrate free turkey.  I am now addicted to Sprouts (a grocery store/farmers market) because they have amazing produce at a great price and my obsession with Aldi has accelerated during this. 

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