Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Happy FRIDAY!  Let's talk lunch.

My rule of thumb??? I try to pack my lunch up when I'm cleaning up dinner.  Two reasons.  1- a lot of times I'll take leftover meat, carb or veggie (or all 3!) for lunch the next day so I'll portion it out right then and 2- I do it then so that's less time later (aka after kids are in bed) that I have to be in the kitchen and am tempted with all the food in there!! I'm a self proclaimed grazer and I know my limits!!

Here's a line up of some of my favorite lunches I've either made at home or taken to work (or both!)

Clean tuna salad on cucumber slices. This one is nice if you're saving up a yellow for a treat later!

Turkey blt- sandwich thin, 2 slices of turkey bacon, 3 slices nitrate free turkey, veggies on sandwich + on the side and done!

This was just a side salad that I threw in my lunch box this week!

This was leftover chicken taco meat from the crockpot in an awesome salad with avacado dressing!

Finally, another leftover favorite.  Pork carnitas bowl (all leftover from the night before).

I had one friend at work look at my lunch and say- "I'd eat healthy if my lunches looked like that!!".  That made me laugh and so happy- because honestly these aren't hard!!

My biggest advice that I'd give to you if you're in the middle of a beachbody program using the 21 day fix portion containers is to NOT over complicate things!!  For real!  I totally did in the beginning.  Meal plan at first, but once you find snacks and meals you like, switch them around and you'll make your life so much easier. 

Abs trust me - if I can make and take my can! My work literally caters in lunch for everyone EVERYDAY. Which sounds amazing (and it really is!!!!), but it's not always the best for your waistline and there are not always healthy options. So I literally have a free lunch everyday and I'm CHOOSING to make mine and being a healthier option.  Somedays I'm tempted but I stay strong because I know I feel so much better after eating healthy!!

What are some of your favorite lunch options!?

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