Updated: Dec 28, 2017

I'm in SHOCK.  Not kidding.  When I took these pictures just to personally document the week 1 progress from the Country Heat work out, there is no way I would have A) thought I would ever post these and B) thought I would have ever lost that much weight and inches  - and just look SO different - from just doing a "dance" work out.

It's insane.  I sent these to my sister and a friend prior to posting here and they were in shock too.  My before picture is the honest truth.  That is what my stomach looks like 6.5 weeks after giving birth to a beautiful and healthy 9 lb little baby.  And I'm proud of every ounce of pudge right there because honestly, I love being pregnant because it just amazes me the things that my body can do - GROW A HUMAN.  A sweet little human.  And guess what?  This is the third time it's done this.  In FOUR years.  So yeah, I've put my body through the ringer in the last 5 years, so guess what?  I'm damn proud of it.  I took these not intending to post them or share because I wanted to wait until the end of the full 30 days to get the full picture - but seriously.  You need to see this.  And you need to try this fun, fun work out.  Seriously!

The picture speaks for itself:

Down - 5.5 lbs and 3.5 inches in ONE WEEK.  And even better - I can't believe how my legs look more toned in just one week of dancing!  Amazing!

Given, I am breastfeeding as well, but other than that (which I bumped up a whole calorie/container bracket to keep up my milk supply, and it has maintained.  Not going to lie, that was a deal breaker because I'm not giving up breastfeeding to lose weight!), I really don't do any other exercises.  No going on daily walks, etc.  Just the Country Heat recommended daily work outs.  I drink a shake a day (I've been doing just on the weekdays) and follow the meal plan with the containers.

30 minutes a day.  Eating healthy.  Dancing.

I already am loving the way I feel when I put on my clothes more and more and the goal is to be back in my normal jeans by the time I go back to work the first week of October.  I'm thinking if I keep up these results - that won't be a problem!

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