Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Ok people.  I'm not going to lie.  When I decided to kick off my fitness journey after babe #3, I had good vibes.  I chose country heat because it was a new program with my favorite Beachbody trainer who I had spent most of my pregnant doing the pregnancy BB on demand work outs with, it was dancing to country music (my fav!) and it seemed like an "easy" work out for me to ease into working out after my body had been through so many changes giving birth just 7 weeks prior.

Almost all of my assumptions held true now that I just wrapped up four weeks of Country Heat...I still love Autumn (maybe more), I still love shaking my booty to country music (even if I have two left feet!!!) and it was a great work out post pregnancy for me---- but it was anything but EASY!!!  Haha.  I was literally dripping sweat after every workout.  The moves in the workout are "dance" moves but Autumn is tricky like that and makes these so called "dance" moves and disguises squats, standing abs, lunges and pretty much any other typical work out move that you might not be a fan of (except push ups and burpees- none of those thank goodness ha!) and makes them fun and you don't even realize/feel like you're doing them!  It's pretty amazing and brilliant actually.  

I will say in the beginning I often felt like I wasn't getting a workout because I was so focused on learning the dance moves better to not look like a complete klutzy fool.  But once I went through each video once and realized I was working out at home with not a soul watching me (except on the weekends when my kids watched me dance!)...I had so much fun.  So much fun and working out???  Yep, I said those in the same sentence.

Ok so now the good stuff.  Results.  Obviously, you buy a workout program and stick to want results. Well, I'll tell you that I go results.  More than I expected.  Ever.  From a little dance workout.

Yes you read that right.  I lost 12 lbs.  I went from 163 to 151.  But the real kicker for me...I lost 10.5 inches and 6 of that was from my WAIST!!! Exactly where I wanted to lose is so I could button my jeans.  And guess what??  I did this all from working out for 30 minutes a day, drinking a delicious shake almost every day and making healthy food choices.  Was it easy??  No.  Not at all.  While I was on maternity leave and didn't have to go to work everyday...I really wanted to just sit there and watch tv somedays.  But I kept telling myself-- Brittany...its THIRTY MINUTES.  That's it. Of my whole day.  Get up and do it.  So I did.  Mikey watched or slept. Sometimes I had to hit pause.  Sometimes I pushed through.  But I always finished.  Did I want to eat #allthecheetos --- duh.  Who doesn't??  But I didn't (ok maybe once I did- lol!) and it paid off.  My arms and legs are more toned--- and I'm starting to see some shadow of abs start to pop through...and I feel awesome and full of energy- as much energy you can have with 3 kids 4 and under!!!! I'm not going to lie- I'm not like super excited to share these pictures because really who likes these??  But there are so many changes that it's crazy!!  

My accountability partners- Jimmy and my friend, Carli, who we would text asking how each other were doing making good choices--- were key, as always!!  I also was part of a challenge group as part of Beachbody's million dollar bet that used the new challenger app--- and I LOVED IT!! If I didn't log a work out or shake, it nicely reminded me, which I loved.  And I loved tracking of my results and the graphs and progress. I'm totally using it for my next challenge group!! Ok - so there yoU have it.  I love the program, I love the results, but most of all...I love how I feel.  When it came time to go back to work with my first two kiddos, I can tell you that the LAST adjective I would use to describe the way I felt was confident about my body.  And while I do not have my pre-pregnancy body back (lets be realistic here- it took 9 full months to grow my 9 lb and completely adorable baby, I'm not going to get back to the way my body was in 3 months!!!), I feel good. No great!  Awesome, confident, happy.  And going back to work- which inevitably will bring change and stress - those are the exact positive feelings I need to get off to a good start to our new normal and routine! So enough about me--- are you ready to get started on your journey!!??  I am already starting to get folks ready for my next challenge group where we hold each other accountable, learn tips and tricks to eating healthy, meal planning templates provided and support!  It's not easy, but it's worth it!!!  If you are interested at all, contact me at or by completing this form!!!!  

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