Updated: Dec 28, 2017

All right - so I'm two weeks into the new Beachbody workout that is MMA style workout/fighting called Core de Force.  And here's what I think!

  • I LOVE the workouts.  They are challenge and yes - they have a lot of push ups.  Which I hate so much, but then when I do them and push through, I'm SO happy I did because I love challenging myself.  And check out these guns!!  I was pleasantly surprised to see actual muscles popping through!

  • I LOVE the trainers.  Jericho is a new(er) mom, which right there I'm like, you're awesome.  But she and Joel, the other trainer, have a great dynamic together and I really like how they interact and run the workouts.  You can tell they are friends in real life!

  • The modifier, Jessica, is my home girl.  While they might "pick on her" in the videos - I find myself modifying a lot because seriously #pushups

  • The concept of 3 or 6 minute rounds I like as well!  They structure them like boxing matches and at the end of each round is a bell - it's exciting to hear the bell, trust me!

  • I love all the core engagement.  As I've gotten better at the workouts and more familiar with the moves, I feel myself focusing a lot more on engaging my core and I know I'm getting a good work out

  • Speaking of - I'm literally sore and exhausted right after doing these workouts.  Which makes me so happy because I know it was WELL worth my time.

  • I don't so much like that so many of the work outs in the calendar are 47 minutes.  I know that really isn't that long (compared to when I'd go to the gym and do one hour classes...), but I work out in the morning before my kids get up.  So the 30 minute 21 day fix and Country Heat workouts fit perfectly into my schedule.  I've had to modify and sometimes just stop 1/2 way through (to be completely honest) because of time restraints.  Also, there are a few days where they schedule a 47 min workout + 16 min core work - AHHHHH.  I did that one day when I was off work and it was an awesome work out, but no WAY because I'd literally have to get up at 4AM.  That is one of my only complaints.

  • Even with the time thing - I still do love the work outs and tell myself, 6 rounds (out of 9 or 12) is better than NONE, right?!!?!  The moves totally remind me to Turbo Kick/Jam and it makes me so happy!

And the best part!?!?  Before and after result pictures.  

This is only 2 weeks in (still 2 weeks left..) with a kids free trip/wedding to Houston over one of the weekends!!  So let's just say I did NOT follow the nutrition plan 100% and it was a little more like 70/30 that weekend than the 80/20!  I was actually kind of bummed because when I really look at the pictures, I don't think the pictures look that different - so nothing crazy...BUT the numbers speak for themselves - AND I had to go buy some new jeans that actually fit, so that's pretty awesome.  In addition to putting up my last pair of lingering maternity jeans.  What what!?!?  I also think I can see more definition in my stomach.  And the best part is that I just FEEL better.  And that is the most important thing for me!!! With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up this week and then ALL the holiday/Christmas parties in the following weeks - I'm not going to say I'll be perfect, but I'm committed to finding healthy options this season and sticking to my daily workouts!  I'm loving the challenge group I'm hosting with my friend (and fellow coach), Ashley!  We have been having so much fun - and we are going to kick off another one on DECEMBER 5!!  But prep starts the week after Thanksgiving - ARE YOU IN!!?!??

Email me at or fill out this form!!!  We have an awesome time, old each other accountable AND have prizes.  Duh.  You must join!

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