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One of the things I LOVE about Beachbody is the continued strive for innovation and development of new products for us to try and programs for us to do to help us continue on our own health and fitness journey. There are these amazing in person quarterly coach events (called Super weekend) that are hosted every quarter all across the globe which act as a way for coaches to come together to chat, learn and workout. This past quarterly event was hosted virtually due to the Covid 19 pandemic...but that didn't stop the excitement that the announcement of new flavors, products and an amazing new program!!!

First up - a new energize flavor - MIXED BERRY!!

So if you follow me, you know how I love my go-go juice. I drink it every morning and it's a great way to start my day and get me ready for my workout. It's full of all natural ingredients and has about the same caffeine as a cup of coffee (from green tea extract) - and I LOVE the original lemon flavor. But mixed berry? That sounds delicious! I have also started recently using 1/2 scoop of this mixed with some sparkling water for an afternoon pick me up (versus other sources of caffeine) and I think this paired with a lemon sparking water would me amazing!

Second - a NEW seasonal shakeology flavor: Salted Caramel!!

Ahhhh - this is a super food shake that I drink daily that provides me with amazing nutrition and helps to cut my ridiculous cravings for all things sweet. Right now, I love doing 1/2 scoop of the vegan vanilla and 1/2 scoop of the vegan cafe latte -- but I'm 100% going to try this flavor! YUM! This is going to be available June 23 and will come in packets - so you won't want to miss out on trying this! Sounds like a perfect sweet (but healthy) summertime treat!

Third - a new workout program - Muscles Burns Fat!!!

This launches in July and is from super trainer Megan Davies. She is newer to Beachbody and has an amazing program right now called Clean Week that is such a great way to get started on your own health and fitness journey. This new program is 3 weeks and has weights, cardio and more!

Finally - brand new product - Beachbody Bevvy!

What is this you ask? I asked the same thing!!! So you know that post dinnertime....when it's nice outside...and you're like hmmmm, that drink or sweet snack would be delicious right about now? Enter the Bevvy! These are drinks that are delicious (pomegranate and lemon flavors for now!) and a great way to help curb your cravings - after dinner or mid afternoon or whenever! I am super excited to try these out!!

Wahoo! you made it through a short synopsis of ALL the fun things coming up. So stick with me as we work together to find out if any of these new flavors or products or program is right for YOU!!!

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