Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Ok people - I'm not the salesperson type, but I MUST share this...mainly because Beachbody is only offering this for a limited time.  Starting next week, there will be the chance to get an ALL ACCESS pass for a whole year to Beachbody on Demand (think Netflix, but for fitness). 

WHY is this a big deal?  Yes, yes, you can currently get BOD access and pay $39.95 each quarter - which includes a library of Beachbody fitness programs - but there are still a few of the new and favorites that you have to purchase to have access to.  So it's great, but not amazing.

THIS.IS.AMAZING.  I promise.  I am a BOD user right now and love being able to stream my workouts from my phone, iPad, stream to my TV through google chrome...the options are endless.  But the fact that you now have access to every single program - including anything new that they launch in 2017 is pretty incredible.  I'm getting it ASAP and am so excited.  I love switching up my workouts and not having to worry about finding the DVD for it.  Trust me, you will too!!

So here it is - don't worry I'm giving you an awesome breakdown:

  • BOD all access challenge pack is available next week and ONLY through the end of February.  It includes a 30 day supply of Shakeology + 12 months of unlimited streaming access to ALL Beachbody workouts (and an awesome cooking show too!) and anything new that they launch in 2017. For $199.  Ok - did you get sticker shock thinking "wow, that's a lot of money".  Well, it is, but it's really not and let me break it down for you why.

  • Challenge packs that are on sale this month = $140.  That includes 30 day supply of shakeology (so really 30 meals - that's a steal if you're looking at by meal pricing) + the workout program of your choice + portion controlled containers + shaker bottle.  

  • Shakeology on it's own = $130 -- that's why the challenge pack is seriously such a good deal

  • But let me break it down for you -- if you pay $199 for the all access challenge pack that means you are getting a month of Shakeology (that also has a 30 day money back guarantee) and then FULL ACCESS to all of Beachbody programs for only $5.75/month.  (take $199 - $130 for the shake = $69 / 12 months = $5.75)  

YOU GUYS.  This is ridiculous.  Right now, I'm paying $13.32 per month for BOD.  So I'm SOOOO excited!  And hopefully you are too!! Don't worry though, if you already have BOD or recently bought a challenge pack ---- good NEWS.  Contact me (or current folks that are already working with me - I will get in touch with you on options) because there are pro-rated options for you!  It's so awesome and I can't wait - this is even more incentive to step out and meet your goals in 2017 AND get healthy.

The reason Beachbody is doing this is because it's so important to not just be 21 days or 30 days to reach your goals - let's get set for the whole year and think of these as long term lifestyle changes.  I have LOVED seeing people that have joined Ashley and my challenge group already see amazing results and improvements to their LIFE!!!  This goes along with everything that I believe about these programs and Beachbody and the reason I became a coach.  Ongoing lifestyle changes and a commitment to be healthy long term for me and my entire family!


Contact me at or fill out this form here and I'll get in touch with you!!!!  Best Christmas present ever - make that investment and commitment to yourself.

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