Updated: Dec 28, 2017

All right, I'm obsessed with Aldi.  I'll admit it.  I know some people have a negative stigma about it, but I'm not kidding when I tell you that it's easier and faster to get in and out of than a regular grocery store AND it all costs so much less.  SO much less.  Like from the personal comparisons I have done to what I buy during a weekly Aldi trip to a local supermarket - over 40% savings.  Especially on the fresh produce - which if you're starting the 21 day fix or getting started with the Beachbody container eating, your cart will be full of lots of fresh things and much less boxes and cans - so you will save money.  

Since I love Aldi, I'm of course determined to get all of you to love it as well :)  So each week, I'll grab the Aldi add and then post a weekly meal plan that has recipes that use the weekly fresh meat offers and produce listed on sale in them.  To save you time AND money.  

So here is the first week...the sale prices start on Wednesday, November 2.

Weekly Fresh Meat offers: Ground turkey - 3 lbs for 5.99 and Boneless Pork Butt for $1.49/lb.  Both a great deal.

Here are some pictures and links to recipes featured in the meal plan:

Ground turkey 21 day fix recipes (remember the Aldi portion is for 3lbs)-

Turkey meatballs - YUM!  These would be so easy to freeze too and totally something my kids would eat (or at least think about eating)

Asian meatballs (hmmm - is this a theme? Possibly)

Clean burger recipe - if you can't tell, I'm a sucker for something you can prep, freeze and then prepare whenever your "later" is.  

Chili with ground turkey - now if it will get cold we can eat this! And now some recipes for the pork butt roast.  Remember this is not the most LEAN meat at all (it's the pork's butt right?!), but after cooking I always make sure and trim the fat.  But this is just so great to use as a freezer meal and then throw in the crock pot - try these out!   $1.49/lb is a great price! Crock pot balsamic pork

Homemade chipotle burrito bowl (with pork - I LOVE making this because I reuse on top of toasted corn tortillas, in taco salads - YUM, so versatile!)

So there you have it - some yummy recipes to go with the Aldi meat specials for the week - and DON'T wait until Sunday or the weekend to run and get these specials - by the time I get there on Sunday for my normal weekly shopping trip, these specials (that are different each week) are sometimes all gone!  So I try to run in on Wednesday nights after work, which is the first day of the sale week to get these special meat buys!!!  Enjoy eating healthy AND saving money!  That's a combo I love!

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