This is SOOOO not a great video (I'm learning, so hang in there with me). BUT - a few things to note about it and why you should watch.

  1. I literally had 8 minutes to plan our meals for the week

  2. You get to see how horrible I am at doing videos ---- and my messy deep freeze and garage freezer where I store most of our food!!  Yeah!

  3. I show you how I look through my freezer, calendar, write the meals and BOOM - done for the week.  It will be clear this is not rocket science about 3 minutes into the video

  4.  During the week, one of the things on my nightly "to-do" list (which gets quite long when you add a baby that needs bottles into the mix) is to look at what we are having for dinner the next night and grab the meal out of the freezer if it needs to be defrosted so I can either throw it in the crock pot the next morning or it will be thawed by the time I get home the next night to cook it for dinner

  5. I know freezer cooking isn't for anyone - but by taking some time when I have it (or when there are good meat sales at the grocery store), I prep the main dish of our meals that are healthy and "fix approved" and then it's literally pick and choose each week.  Having a freezer full of food to use each week literally gives me a peace of mind that we won't be running out to eat or for fast food constantly - which is bad for our budget AND our waistlines

  6. I don't show any of my fresh foods or lunches, but I've shared some pictures of the containers that I put fresh fruits and veggies in each week - that is a life saver as well...everything is washed and cut, which makes it an easy grab and go

  7. Breakfast and lunch are not included on here.  Since we are all at work or school everyday, I prep my lunches the night before.  Sometimes I grill or smoke (or have Jimmy) meat for the week but lots of times I'll take dinner leftovers, turkey sandwich on the sandwich thin or tuna salad.  

  8. Thanks for ignoring my complete ignorance that I don't understand how to turn the iPhone video camera around

And there you go - watch away!  You can even see my super fancy meal board that shows my family what is for dinner! Happy meal planning and prepping on this Sunday!

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