80 Day Obsession - you in?

GUESS WHAT?!!? We are only TEN days away from the launch of Beachbody's newest program called 80 day obsession. And I cannot wait.

This is program is from the 21 day fix creator, Autumn Calabrese and she's taken it to a new level - focused on working your abs and booty but also giving you a WHOLE body workout. Beware - this is listed as an "intermediate" program because it's a little more intense - workouts are longer and moves are a little more intense then many of the programs suggested to lead up to this, but it's going to challenge us in NEW ways.

She launched a preview of this program to help us all prepare using the equipment used (resistance bands of various sizes and resistance and sliders --- which both make you feel the BURN in a good way!) called A Little Obsessed with 5 workouts. I've been doing them, along with some other awesome ladies in our challenge/accountability group for the last few weeks and these are awesome workouts. I have felt muscles being worked that I have NEVER ever felt before - my booty has been in FIYA.

The thing I'm most terrified but excited about (after trying it out for a few weeks now....) is the timed nutrition (or meal plan) that goes along with the program. Here is a great article that goes into all the details about it - but I'll cover a few below.

It is a strict nutrition program (no cheats in this one like the 21 day fix!!), focused around the time you choose workout (known as a "workout block") that gives you pre-workout fuel and post-workout fuel for proper recovery for your muscles. You are encouraged to use the amazing energize pre-workout supplement (which I have been using for a while and LOVE) as well as the post-workout recovery supplement (which I have just tried with ALO workouts and is VERY necessary because oh dang I am so sore after these workouts!). Then the rest of the day, eating is easily laid out for you on what type of different foods to eat when. Here is a quote from the above article that talks a little about the timed nutrition.

“The benefits of timed nutrition play on your body’s metabolism,” says Paige Benté, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., and nutrition manager at Beachbody . “With 80 Day Obsession, we’re supplying specific macronutrients at specific intervals to maximize muscle protein synthesis — so you’re gaining the most muscle and utilizing your food as fuel as optimally as possible.”

Why am I so excited about this? Well this is the FIRST program that uses the portion controlled containers and tells you EXACTLY what container (food group) to eat when to get the best results. I feel like when I started using these containers, it was very overwhelming to me - as it is to many of my new challengers as well - but once you get the hang of it, then it's like second nature. But this program lays it out for you and there is little to no guessing - you know how much to eat and when. And let me tell you ---- from my experience with the ALO meal plan --- it's a LOT of food!!! Because of the intensity of the need that food to fuel your body and get those muscles and definition that you want!

With that said, this awesome new equipment AND the timed nutrition is killer! And also - you will never get bored with these workouts because guess what? There are EIGHTY unique workouts. Yep, that's right. You're not repeating a workout every week and knowing the moves and commentary by heart. You will continue to challenge your mind and body for EIGHTY whole days!

The best part - check out these results of the test group. Holy moly!

Young, older, male, females. These are just a few of the amazing transformations that came from this 80 day test group. But even more talked about than the physical transformations is the mental transformation that came from pushing through all 80 days. They finished the program stronger, more determined, confident in their own self WORTH (haha - see how I got my word of the year in here :)!) and ready to take on those challenges in their own life.

So are you ready!? We have an amazing group of woman currently gearing up to push play for 80 days of workouts and timed based nutrition to kick off 2018 to be their best year yet!!

Fill out this short form and let me know and I'll be in touch!!!!

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