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I'm sure if you're been on the Juvo Empire team Facebook page at all or any Beachbody coach Facebook group, you've seen people post about Personal Development. Well - I'm going to echo all the sentiments about it here and give you some recommendations on ways to get in your daily PD. Not only will this help you as you are growing as a coach, but this will help YOU. Yes, just YOU in general. As a woman or a mom or a friend or a girlfriend or a spouse - with ANY role in your life. I will go as far to say that the personal development I do each day as a Beachbody coach helps propel me immensely in my full time job in finance...in addition to coaching!


You don't have to find and hour a day to pick up a book (or you can!) but don't let the time commitment intimidate you. Now there are so many awesome options - podcasts, ebooks, audio books, videos -- heck I even get a text message prompt every morning with a short video message to watch that takes about 2 minutes and gets my day started off right on my drive to work! So do NOT be intimidated. And do NOT slack on getting in your PD. Why? We all have our days where we are feeling down. Not worthy or like we should just give us. These personal development books and videos and podcasts will help push you through those times. Push you through when you think you're not going to meet that goal you made.