You might be wondering WHY in the heck would hosting a FREE group be a good idea? Well, it's not only a great way to give people that are interested but not quite ready to commit to signing up for a challenge group with you a glimpse of the value that YOU will bring to their life. I've found that people are more apt to sign up for a free group with me (or a few even!) first and then when they see the value I bring to them from the helpful info and encouragement that I provide, when I follow up with them, they are more excited to talk to me and see the other things I have to offer to help them in meeting their own goals!

I really suggest picking a free group that appeals to you that you LOVE and can bring value to other people. Personally, I love hosting free freezer meal groups (there is a whole section on that in my challenger info), but I also love crockpots and crunches, ab and booty groups, 7 day Shakeology challenge (or do with Clean Week) and even 5 day clean eating challenges.

Here is a video from top coach, Melanie Mitro about the value in running free groups that I love!