This section of the coach resources is designed to provide you with ideas for your own posts in challenge groups. In my opinion and experience, developing engaging and effective challenge groups will not only help propel your business but it will help you help get your customers the BEST results. The support and knowledge that challenge groups provide, along with the daily accountability, is KEY for us all! Take advantage of these resources, develop your own and build some kick ass groups! Once you host a few challenge groups yourself, the awesome thing about My Challenge Tracker is that you will have your own "post library" to pull your previous posts from and give you ideas on when and how to schedule!

Tips for managing your challenge groups:

  1. Schedule your prep week and posts throughout the week that you want your challengers to see - I have some ideas for all those below, but make sure you do at least one a day!

  2. Pick 30 minutes each week to go through the "participants" section of your group - there you can see if people have been logging their shakes and workouts. If you see someone has fallen off or really knocked out their workouts or shakes that week - send them a quick note!

  3. Make sure to post daily your own workouts and shakes - if you forget one day - don't beat yourself up! We all get busy and your challengers know that too :)

  4. For engagement, check out some of the daily posts that you can do each week to get people to post and share - you can even incorporate prizes if you want!

  5. Be yourself and stay engaged! Your challengers chose YOU as their coach, so be your amazing self and they will continue to stay motivated and get their own amazing results!!!

Click below for some post ideas for your group