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I have been using Beachbody programs to get fit and healthy since 2012, right after I gave birth to my first son. After I had my daughter in 2014, I began working with my coach in her challenge groups to lose the post-baby weight for our five year anniversary trip to Mexico. On that trip, I was physically in paradise but also felt so good and confident in my own body thanks to the Beachbody workouts and eating programs. I loved the feeling of being confident in my own skin even after having two kids. For me, it was not just a feeling of physical paradise but also the emotional paradise I strive for being a busy, working mom, wife, friend, daughter, etc. With the physical and emotional confidence, I was living in my own little paradise.


I loved the at home workout programs and portion controlled eating that I stuck with them throughout my third pregnancy. After having my second son in 2016, I decided to sign up to be a coach to hold myself accountable in my own health and fitness journey. Since then, I have worked with so many amazing women and men to help them with their own health and fitness journey using the convenience of the at home fitness programs, drinking a superfoods shake and using the portion controlled meal plans. I would love to work with you to help meet your own health and fitness goals. I also work with a team of coaches to help grow their own business opportunity and provide people with supplemental income for getting fit! of Sin physically being in paradise with the one you love.



Brittany Carter



Thirty-four year old mom of four little kiddos 7 and under, wife to Jimmy, finance director by day and fitness coach by night.  I love coffee, I love to eat and I love any chance to make a good spreadsheet #nerdalert. I'm on a journey to get fit and eat healthy for myself and my family and would love to help you achieve your own health and fitness goals and/or help to grow your own business to provide you with additional income and opportunity!





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