Monday, October 17, 2016

Get ready for the holidays - challenge group!

Guess what?

It's not Halloween...YET.
But the candy and treats will come.

It's not Thanksgiving...YET.
But soon enough you'll be filling your plates full of turkey and stuffing.

It's not Christmas...YET.
And there will be endless holiday parties, Christmas dinners and holiday baking!

What if I told you that all those holidays could come and this year it would be different...that you could ENJOY the holidays but also ENJOY how you feel and not be one of those people on January 1 frustrated with the way you feel and look.  You could learn how to eat and what to eat.  You could learn portion sizes that work for YOUR body to maintain and even LOSE weight.

It's possible. Seriously.

While my first challenge group is getting ready to wrap up, I've been busy brainstorming some awesome ideas, more tips and tricks and recipes that are healthier versions of some of your holiday favorites. 

You really won't want to miss this because once you give this a try and see the amazing results with just eating healthy and working out at home for THIRTY minutes a day- your mind will be changed!! They say it only takes 21 days to form a new habit and that's all you need!!!

We are kicking this off---- Monday, October 31 - so you won't be digging through your kids candy buckets for the next week!! Haha- sad but true right?? 

And the best thing??  Private, online accountability with me and other amazing people with the same goal.  I'm going to be using the new(ish) beachbody challenge app (versus Facebook--- which I've used as a participant in a few challenge groups and LOVE!) and am going to do prizes this time!! Wahoo!!

So who's in??  It's not free, but I promise that you're worth the investment!!!  I have meal ideas, meal plans and templates, tips and tricks to share from doing these programs consistently over the last 2 years.  And guess what?? This eating plan - you can drink WINE and eat chocolate! Yes please!

Email me at or fill out this form and let me know.

I cannot believe that the holidays are so soon - I'm so excited and you better believe I'm setting myself up to keep achieving my health and fitness goals during this fun time!!!

If you are even remotely interested, seriously - contact me and we can chat!!!  The end of October is sneaking up on us so don't miss out.  This group has kept me accountable in my eating and my workouts as I've transitioned back to work after baby #3 and I couldn't be more thankful for this wonderful community....and the way I feel and the results I'm seeing!

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